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This website will enable you to:
  • Search for exercises appropriate for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions
  • Select exercises and compile them into booklets for your clients


Website developed by:
Peter Messenger
Illustrations by:
Paul Pattie
Content developed by:
Physiotherapists, NSW Department of Health, Sydney, Australia

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      1. The diagrams illustrating the exercises are:-
      2. The text accompanying the exercises:

      What is this?

      • What is this website?
      • This website currently contains 950 physiotherapy exercises appropriate for people with neurological conditions. It continues to evolve as further funds become available. Some of the exercises are also suitable for people without neurological conditions.

        This website primarily consists of exercises aimed at improving strength, flexibility, function and fitness. Emphasis has been placed on providing exercises that are independent of different philosophical approaches to the treatment of people with neurological conditions. For this reason, there are very few exercises that involve manual handling by physiotherapists. All attempts have been made to ensure the exercises are based on the best available evidence. As new evidence about best practice emerges, the exercises on this website will be updated.

      • Who is this website for?
      • This website is primarily for the use of physiotherapists responsible for prescribing exercises. It may also be of interest to other health professionals including occupational therapists as well as people with neurological conditions.

      • What will this website enable me to do?
      • This website will enable you to search for exercises appropriate for people with neurological conditions. You can search for exercises by different categories including:

        Exercise type
        Body part
        Equipment available
        Exercise difficulty
        Age category
        Image orientation

        Each exercise has an accompanying illustration and photograph. In addition each exercise has instructions, aims and precautions written in two formats - one appropriate for a person with a neurological condition and the other appropriate for a physiotherapist.

        This website also enables you to select specific exercises and then compile these into personalised exercise booklets.

      • What is the aim of this website?
      • The overall aim of this website is to optimise the rehabilitation outcomes of physiotherapy programs for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

      • What are the objectives of this website?
      • The objectives of this website are:

        1. To provide an educational resource. This website provides junior or inexperienced physiotherapists with an array of exercise ideas.
        2. To archive the treatment ideas and training strategies of experienced physiotherapists. This website provides a means by which the treatment ideas and training strategies devised by experienced physiotherapists can be documented for others to use.
        3. To provide physiotherapists with a simple way of compiling personalised and professional-looking exercise booklets for their clients.

      • Feedback
      • We welcome feedback about this website and its content. Your feedback is also important for securing future funding. We invite users to provide suggestions of exercises that could be included. There are different ways in which you can provide us with feedback and contribute exercise ideas. You can fill in an on-line evalutaion form, sign our guest book or send us an email (details in top menu bar under "feedback").

      • Disclaimer
      • Whilst all effort and care has been directed at ensuring the exercises included on this website are safe and appropriate, it is solely the responsibility of those who use the website to ensure that the exercises and information provided to people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions are appropriate and accurate. The writers of this website accept no liability for injury, loss or damage, whatsoever caused to any person by the information and/ or exercises given on this website. This website was not written for the direct use of people with neurological conditions. These individuals should always seek the advice of a physiotherapist before performing, recommending or prescribing these exercises.

      • Do I need to pay?
      • We have provided this website free of charge to all interested users on the condition that the website and its content are used for their intended purposes and on the understanding that:

        1. The contents (including illustrations and photographs) are not removed and used for purposes other than compiling exercise booklets for people with neurological conditions.
        2. The copyright mark is not removed from the sketches or photographs.
        3. A written acknowledgement of appears on the front cover of all exercise booklets compiled using this website.

        If used for any other purpose you must attain written approval from:

        The managerial committee
        C/O Rehabilitation Studies Unit
        Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney
        PO Box 6
        Ryde, NSW, 1680

        We request that individuals or organizations that directly or indirectly attain financial reward from providing physiotherapy services to people with neurological conditions make a contribution to the upkeep of this website and to the development of similar projects. Contributions of this kind can be directed to the above address.

      • Donations
      • We welcome all donations to the upkeep of this website. Donations can be made to the above address or on-line.

      • User accounts
      • You must be logged on to the website to save exercises into booklets and to access previously created booklets. Use the top menu to log on. If this is your first visit, simply type anything into the username and password boxes, then click the "login" button. You should use something you can easily remember for subsequent visits. You do not need to provide email or personal details. There is no cost. You can only EDIT the text and reformat exercises by logging on and creating exercise booklets. User accounts will be deleted if they have not been used for more than 3 months.

      Who are we?

      • Who are we?
      • We are a group of physiotherapists employed by government-funded organisations in Sydney, Australia. We are committed to improving the rehabilitation outcomes of people with neurological conditions.

      • What is the managerial structure?
      • This website has the following managerial structure:

        • Steering Committee
        • A/Prof Lisa Harvey - senior project manager, physiotherapist1

        • Mr Owen Katalinic - project manager, physiotherapist1

        • Dr Joanne Glinsky - project manager, physiotherapist1

        • Mr Peter Messenger - IT Consultant

        • SCI sub-committee

          • Ms Julia Batty2

          • Ms Marsha Ben3

          • Mr Adrian Byak3

          • Mr Shane Chee3

          • Ms Jill Eyles4

          • Dr Joanne Glinksy1

          • A/Prof Lisa Harvey1

          • Ms Lyndall Katte2

        • Adult-TBI sub-committee

          • A/Prof Louise Ada5

          • Dr Colleen Canning5

          • Mr Tim Fairbairn6

          • Ms Leanne Hassett7

          • Ms Taryn Jones7

          • Ms Joan Leung3

          • Dr Anne Mosely8

          • Ms Anita Mudge9

          • Mr Karl Schurr10

        • Paediatic TBI sub-committee

          • A/Prof Louise Ada5

          • Ms Jan Hancock11

          • Ms Anita Mudge9

          • Ms Browyn Thomas14

        • Stroke sub-committee

          • A/Prof Louise Ada5

          • Dr Cath Dean5

          • Dr Annie McClusky12

          • Ms Stephanie Potts2

          • Mr Karl Schurr10

        • Paediatic Motor Delay sub-committee

          • Ms Jeannie Bennett13

          • Ms Hane Butler5

          • Mr Ricky Chan13

          • Ms Alison Chung13

          • Ms Katherine Gambell13

          • Ms Jan Hancock11

          • Ms Ann Lancaster9

          • Ms Anita Mudge9

          • Ms Bronwyn Thomas11

        • Language sub-committees

          • Norwegian

            • Ms Vivian Jorgensen14

            • Ms Pia Wedege14

            • Marit Olsen14

          • Russian

            • Mr Yuri Moustafaev15

            • Ms Irene Rotenko

            • Ms Lydia Shandar

          • Chinese

            • Dr Winnie Huang Weiping16

            • Ms Sheila Purves16

          • French

            • Ms Anne-Lise Bidou

          • Vietnamese

            • Handicap International

          • Arabic

            • Ms Dina Horani17

            • Mr Abdulrahman Basonbul18

          • Polish

            • Mr Andzej Sulimierski19

            • Me Ewa Zak20

          • Spanish

            • Mr Marcos Maldonado21

        • Affiliations
        • 1:Rehabiliation Studies Unit, Northern Clinical School, Sydney School of Medicine, University Of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

        • 2:Physiotherapy Department, Prince of Wales Hospital, South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia

        • 3:Physiotherapy Departement, Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney, Northern Sydney Central Coast Health, Sydney, Australia

        • 4:Physiotherapy Department, Royal North Shore Hospital, Northern Sydney Central Coast Health, Sydney, Australia

        • 5:Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Science, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

        • 6:Physiotherapy Department, Westmead Hospital, Sydney West Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia

        • 7:Physiotherapy Department, Liverpool Health Service, Sydney South West Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia

        • 8:George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia

        • 9:Physiotherapy Department, Sydney Children`s Hospital, South Eastern Sydney and Illawara Area Health Service, Australia

        • 10:Physiotherapy Department, Bankstown Hospital, Syndey South West Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia

        • 11:Physiotherapy Department, The Children`s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney West Area Health Service, Sydney, Australia

        • 12:Discipline of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

        • 13:Ageing Disability and Homecare, Department of Human Services, Australia

        • 14:Sunnass Rehabilitation Hospital, Oslo, Norway

        • 15:Rehabilitation Centre `Kinesis`, Russia

        • 16:Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Hong Kong

        • 17:Jordan Orthopaedic and SPinal Centre, Amman, Jordan

        • 18:King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

        • 19:Youth European Association of Physiotherapy, Warsaw, Poland

        • 20:Physiotherapy and Medicine, Warsaw, Poland

        • 21:Centro Ambulatorio. Clinica Los Coihues, Chile

      • Additional support from:

        Mr Damien Barratt, Ms Claire Boswell-Ruys, Ms Sophie Denis, Ms Gerlinde Goehl, Mr Craig Jarvis, Ms Debbie Keaney, Ms Emily Patrick and Ms Tanya Marokakis.

      • IT consultant and software programmer
      • This website would not have been possible without our computer consultant, Peter Messenger. When this website was only in concept stage, Peter approached the organising committee and offered to donate his time and skills. For the next 18 months, he worked by day as a computer consultant writing software for helicopters, and by night as a programmer for this project. He continues to upgrade the website with new features and provides ongoing support. We are very grateful for Peter`s generosity and highly superior IT skills.

      • Artist
      • We also acknowledge our very talented artist, Paul Pattie. Paul illustrated all the exercises and has been responsible for the artistic direction of this website. Prior to Paul`s work on this website, he was an artist for the Australian Broadcasting Commission. He drew illustrations to accompany notable Australian children`s characters including Bananas in Pyjamas and The Wiggles.

      • Photographers
      • All photographs were taken by physiotherapy staff. We are particularly grateful to our past and present clients who posed for the photographs.

      • Language translators
      • We are extremely grateful to our translators and international physiotherapy teams who have assisted with the translation of this website. It has now been translated into Norwegian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic. The website is also currently being translated into Russian.

        Additional language translation support from:Norwegian physiotherapists, Vietnamese physiotherapists from Bach Mai Spinal Cord Injury Department (Hanoi), Ms Nguyen Thi Thao, Mr Wang Yuling, Jumana H. Qaqish and Mohammad Madi.

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